Heart Of The Country > 1971

The Ram record that Paul McCartney made with his wife Linda in 1970 was pretty much a home-recording. It wasn’t considered much of a release compared to his Beatle output, and even John Lennon made fun of it in a famous satirical photo. But I loved it as kid and apparently alot of other kids did too. It’s been one of those comeback records recently that evidently sounds better now than then (it was good then, trust me. Early lo-fi).

It’s received the tribute treatment more than once in the past few years (WFMU’s Tom Scharpling and Aquarium Drunkard) and I play it too.

You’ll hear this one (and probably another one from Ram, and I’m thinking of playing one solo track from each Beatle) on my Summer Sell-Out Show, this Wed 8/25

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